Drinking the Juice

A blogger on BostonNow.com thinks he may follow role model Barry Bonds in pursuing feats of fly fishing that are impossible without a little chemical boost. “Soon I’ll be making 500-foot casts with my five weight. Next fall, I’ll be able to wade West Virginia’s Gauley River when it flows at over 3,000 cubic feet per second. My casting will be so accurate that I’ll land #28 gnats inside of a hummingbird’s ear.”

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  • Yes, but will he be using one of those new fancy carrot-fiber fly rods, or one of those $50,000 prototypes that Sage is developing with the University of Washington?

  • The author’s name is Matt Cooke, a very talented contributor to http://www.westvirginiatroutfishing.com, our joint web project.
    He has other interesting fly fishing-related work on the site. Stop by and check us out. We are not just about West Virginia…or trout fishing.