Minnesota's New Tournament Fees Anger Some, Delight Others

“’I still want to puke when I look at an outdoor channel and see guys grabbing a fish out of a tank and running it across a stage like they’ve just won the Boston Marathon,’ [Dave] Zentner said. ‘It just turns me off.’” Anyone looking at fishing tournaments from the outside know they are a mixed blessing: they draw attention to the sport, but they also drive anglers into frenzies that are not always resource-friendly. One has to wonder if the reaction of Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources is not a sign that states are becoming more aware of the downside. Article by the Associated Press in The New York Times.

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  • Ha! Good for MDNR!
    I personally think ALL tournament organizers should have to put up $1,000 earmarked to stock more fish in the water the tournament occurs in…everywhere. And that’s in addition to any administrative charges the state, county, and local regulatory bodies need…including I think they should be charged for the increased burden on game wardens, boat ramps, parks, and local first responders.
    These are profit-making events that make a lot of money for a lot of businesses by using PUBLIC resources. I am all for making them pay their own way.
    And fewer tournaments isn’t a bad thing if it happens.