Fly Fishing Art: Mike Savlen

It’s hard not to like the intensity that Mike Savlen brings to his fish paintings, which include images of steelhead, salmon, trout, stripers and tuna. Using as many as 50 layers of acrylic and wash, he creates a world of blues and oranges that somehow brings the whole spectrum of colors with it. Savlen’s work is featured on the homepage of MidCurrent this month, and you can see more of his work on his Web site,

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  • Even though I’m not sold on his color combinations and the scope of his work seems to lack a little depth, I think what he is doing is really cool! The modern eye and style that he brings to this traditional art theme is very fresh and interesting. And he has made a serious study of what fish look like in water…and it shows. I’d love to see him expand his color palette.