Team USA: Fly Fishing's Last Best Chance?

As Charlie Meyers suggests, the U.S.’s international fly fishing team represents more than a chance to participate in angling competitions that don’t require six guys dressed up like a NASCAR pit crew. It’s an opportunity to bring leadership to a sport that could use all the help it can get in growing and staying vital. “Question is, can a relatively thin and static U.S. fly-fishing industry muster the money and resolve to provide the necessary boost? Current sponsors include Simms, Scott rods, Scientific Anglers, Nautilus reels and Clear Creek accessories – arrangements that provide swell gear and some cash, but not nearly enough to crack the nut.” In the Denver Post.

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  • If we ignore them, do you think they’ll go away?
    Competitive fly fishing is a non-sequitur…like daytime stargazing or fat-free butter.
    Europeans do a lot of weird stuff. Perhaps we shouldn’t be trying to emulate the French?
    Maybe we could give them jumpsuits covered in advertisements and big trophies just to stay home and not take themselves so seriously.