Fly Fishing More Like Surfing?

OK, if fly fishing is not so much like golf (hey, the hole moves), then could it be like surfing? Scott Willoughby thinks so: “Surfing demands far more patience than you might expect, waiting for the right waves as you might wait for a fish to strike. You might spot a potential lunker now and again, and then it comes down to placement, just like casting, before you can set the hook. Then that sucker takes off like a tarpon, a wild animal that you still have to land, even play.” In the Denver Post.

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  • chris miller

    I only wish I had my longboard in Key West the week before memorial day, when there was an honest to god surfable swell with an offshore 30 knot wind. There was an awesome left at Boca grande key, wihc was a good thing as there were ZERO tarpon

  • There you have it, Chris — the perfect alternative sport for tarpon anglers. That or kite-boarding.

  • I just ordered a stand up paddle surfboard for sight fishing the sandflats here in Maine, you can also use it as a sailboard, check out the Mistral Pacifico. It will be on my truck when I tow my skiff back to Fl next winter.