What's In Your Fly Box? Craig Mathews

Craig Mathews is one of those guys who seems to have done it all. Formerly sheriff of West Yellowstone, Montana, he started his fly shop, Blue Ribbon Flies, there in the early 1980s. Then he and Yvon Chouinard teamed up to form 1% For The Planet, which organizes conservation donations by member businesses. Meanwhile he wrote a few books and produced a few videos on fly fishing Yellowstone Park and the Madison. And oh yeah, he authored a bunch of important fly patterns for both trout and saltwater fishing.
Given Mathews’s energy, we had no idea what we would discover in his personal fly box. But here’s what we found: Flies that are tied in 2 minutes but that can be made only from materials locked in his fly shop freezer. PMD nymphs that float six inches below the surface. And the signature of a custom fly box builder who lives in a teepee and charges hundreds of dollars for a single creation.
See Craig Mathews’s personal fly selection.

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  • john devault

    Nice article Marshall. In addition to his many accomplishments Craig is also one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Also, unlike most fly shop owners in Montana, Craig limits the number of guides he puts on the river to ease pressure on an already overpressured resource. For anyone interested in keeping up with fishing in the West Yellowstone area I highly recommend the fishing journal on Craig’s site. A careful reading gives many good tips on successful fishing in the area.