High-End Canadian Fishing Lodges

Jake MacDonald, like many others, is puzzle by the small number of Canadians who take advantage of the incredible range of amenities offered by fishing lodges in his country. “This is a matter of some perplexity to foreigners. As one English woman once asked me as she threw hand-tied flies for char on an idyllic Arctic river, ‘Why would anyone trudge around some hot, crowded European city when they can do this?’” MacDonald goes to to describe three of the top Canadian fishing lodges: Wilson’s Camp on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Snowshoe Island Outpost Camp in Kenora, Ontario, and Nimmo Bay Resort on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, which William Shatner called “the best fishing lodge in the world.” In The Globe and Mail.

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  • Why don’t locals use local lodges? We have a similar situation to Canada here in New Zealand. Locals are estimated to make up less than 15% of of the more more up-market Lodge clientele – but NZ anglers going overseas will stay at up-market lodges. Maybe it has something to do with the idea that staying at an up-market lodge will more likely ‘guarantee’ a good experience, both in accommodation, when fishing in unfamiliar or foreign water. But I have had good and bad experiences at up and lower market lodges in about the same proportion.