Vieques, Puerto Rico: The New Florida Keys?

Noting Lefty Kreh’s remembrances of the old days in the Florida Keys on MidCurrent, Greg Breining’s New York Times article on Isla Vieques traces the many similarities between the island that sits off of the east end of Puerto Rico and the Florida Keys of yore: namely plenty of fish and no fishing pressure. “We were searching for the spirit of the Florida Keys of a half-century ago — before the crowds, before the fast boats, before the sophisticated tackle and the high expectations — a place that exists these days only in Francis Golden watercolors and in the imagination.” Another parallel not mentioned by the author: parts of the Florida Keys were also once used as a bombing range.

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  • chris miller

    midcurrent makes the Times…congrats

  • Gregg McKee

    You may not recognize it in the photo, but that’s the same Maverick Mirage you sold me a dozen years ago in Key West. It’s still catching fish down here in Vieques.
    Gregg McKee
    WildFly Charters, Vieques

  • Well, what do you know? I was kind of hoping that was your Mirage, Gregg, but didn’t want to presume. That is a very fishy boat, as you have probably come to realize 😉 Great article. Glad to see you are exploring Vieques for the rest of us.

  • Aaron Adams

    Great to see Vieques fisheries are in good shape. I helped a friend explore the fishability of Vieques about 12 years ago, when I was living on nearby St. Croix – he was looking into the possibility of starting a lodge/guide business. We found the island very fishy, and relatively unfished for sportfish. What killed the venture then was that it was still being used as a bombing range, and much of the best fishing areas were off limits. In addition, the protests against the bombing were at fever pitch, and as Yankees we were verbally assaulted numerous times – not the best surroundings for a guide service. It’s great to see the change, and I hope the place stays low key.

  • Return from Puerto Rico/report
    I’ve returned successful from PR. My trip wasn’t as successful as the report that i read that someone else has posted but Capt. Rosario is Class. I fished one day with Capt. Pochy Rosario and I landed my first Tarpon . We saw tons of tarpon and one monster barracuda! I had four eats and landed two, one of around 80lbs and a baby tarpon. One of the fish I have to admit I trout set on after he ate it stupid, stupid, stupid. After all I have been a trout guide for 15 years.
    I have to agree with one of the replies to my first thread to not fish San Juan. I know some people have had success there but after fishing in Cabo Rojo in crystal clear water as apposed to the murky lagoons of San Juan i’ll take Boqueron any day. I didn’t get a chance to get to culebra or vieques though i was able to catch some barracuda in some spots on the north shore in vega baja.
    Well for now I’ll be here in Utah the BWO’s are popping like crazy here so the fishing is going off. My next salt adventure will be on Cape Cod for two weeks in June. I can hardly sleep, stripers and now Tarpon have taken over my brain.
    On a separate side note I have had a lot of experience fishing and guiding in Patagonia if any one ever needs info, I was there traveling for three weeks this past winter.
    Cheers everyone thanks for the info all
    Erik Hufnagle