A Legacy of Ray Bergman Gear

Gus Aull III inherited a large stash of fly fishing gear and memorabilia from his dad. His dad happened to be good buddies with Ray Bergman, the influential author of Trout and the fishing editor of Outdoor Life from 1933 to 1959. J. Michael Kelly unveils the stories behind the gear and a few interesting tidbits about Bergman’s life and material legacy. “Seven Bergman-owned fly and baitcasting rods, six of which are Dickersons or Leonards. Galley proofs of P.A. Parsons’ how-to book, ‘Fresh Water Fishing,’ which Bergman proofread for his Outdoor Life colleague. Oddly enough, Aull said, Bergman himself ‘was a terrible speller.'” In the Syracuse [New York] Post-Standard.

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  • Susan

    I am searching for a First Edition hard copy of Ray Bergmans’ TROUT. I believe my father was the illustrator for the cover and also wrote a brief introduction in the 1938 edition. His name was Jack Meehla.
    Anyone have any memory or info would be greatly appreciated!