What's In Your Fly Box? Steve Huff

When we first came up with the notion of looking inside people’s fly boxes, it was because we were tired of reading lists. After all, what does a list tell you, other than what someone thinks they’re going to fish with? Reality is often much different.
We wanted to open our new monthly feature, “What’s In Your Fly Box?,” with a unique personality and with someone who wouldn’t take the time to gussy up their collection. Fortunately, the idea appealed to Steve Huff, who by virtue of guiding fly fishers to dozens of world records on the flats of the Florida Keys pretty much proved that others’ opinions of his fly choices didn’t matter. Steve, for those who don’t know, is the most famous guide you will never hear about. Despite being sought after for decades by anglers who want to learn from one of the sports icons, he shuns media and attention generally. “It’s all about fishing,” he says, “nothing else.” We’re lucky to have Steve talk about his personal fly choices for tarpon and snook in our first installment.

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  • bevis

    Marshall: The new fly box feature is a great idea. Enjoyed Huff’s thoughts. Hope there’ll be a lot more. Wayne

  • Glad you like it, Wayne. There’ll be a new one each month, and from some pretty interesting folks — some well-known and some not so well-known.

  • David Dalu

    Great feature, and starting at the top for sure. I almost broke my finger clicking on the link, hoping to see a permit fly 😉
    Keep it up

  • bob brown

    i agree with david. want to know huff’s favorite permit flies.

  • I’d also like Congress to pass a law ending pork barrel projects and for commercial agriculture to adopt xeriscaping around great trout rivers 😉