Spring Ridge Manager Sees Good in Little Juniata Ruling

Taking credit for bringing good conservation practices to the Little Juniata, Spring Ridge Club managing partner Donny Beaver deftly noted yesterday that the Club has done a good job of protecting the trout there. While leaving open the option of pursuing Monday’s ruling in court, Beaver says “‘I’m delighted with our progress so far and look forward to helping conserve more trout streams for future generations,’ Beaver said. ‘It makes a lot more sense to invest our resources to conserve more trout streams than to spend it on lawyers and court costs.’” Rebecca Berdar in the Altoona, Pennsylvania Mirror.

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  • Excuse me, but I’ve grown nauseous from all the spin.
    We’re now to believe that Donny Beaver’s motivations are environmental?

  • Cicero, the original spin doctor, suggested practicing speaking with marbles in your mouth. No question but that there’s some rattling noise in the background here.

  • Robert H. Childs

    I s donny beaver nut’s? what has he done to protect anything?? The almighty dollar maybe….

  • Interesting. We mat press a similar case in NYC, would welcome contacts and ideas, cant access all the links above…