Steve Huff on Snook

Veteran Saltwater Guide Steve HuffGuide extraordinaire Steve Huff spoke to a standing-room-only audience at the IGFA in Dania Beach, Florida yesterday, sharing some tremendous insights gathered during more than four decades of fishing south Florida. About snook — a fish he likes catching more than any other — he said, “Unlike permit, they play fair. If you put the fly in front of them and you do everything right, they’ll sometimes eat the fly, as long as they are not in super-clear water and they haven’t noticed you yet. I like the low incoming tide above all. It seems to be the time when they’ll eat just about anything.”
Some other Huff snook tips:
— Don’t use anything less than a 50# shock tippet, and it doesn’t need to be Fluorocarbon (Steve doesn’t use Fluorocarbon because it makes the flies sink to fast and he hasn’t noticed a difference in the number of hookups).
— “Fishing for snook is the only time I recommend throwing the fly beyond the fish: 12-15 inches beyond and in front seems to work best.”
— Always use a loop knot to tie on the fly — it makes the fly move more naturally.
By the way, Steve, who still runs 4 miles a day, often after getting up at 5:00 AM to go fishing, stopped reading fishing magazines and watching fishing on television years ago. “I don’t know what it has to do with fishing,” he says.

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  • bevis

    Sounds like a good presentation. Wish I’d heard it. I agree about the TV fishing but for locations where some of us aren’t going to get much hands on experience, there are some good learning opportunities if you watch closely. Sometimes the best learning is facilitated by the mute button.

  • Good snook stuff. But what does he think of blogs? Probably even less…

  • Steve has strong opinions on most things related to fly fishing — no tippets over 16#, always use a regulation shock, etc. — but I like to think that online media is breaking the mold somewhat in providing better information . At least I’d try to convince him of it 😉

  • David Dalu

    A rare opportunity to hear a living legend speak. I wish I was there. Now if only you two can get together on that book….

  • Phil

    Wait a minute…fishing magazines don’t have anything to do with fishing? OMG! My whole life is a waste of time! My mom was right: I should have been an investment banker.
    American Angler

  • Well, we didn’t go fishing for the money, now, did we?

  • michael guerin

    “strong opinions”, that may be the understatement of the year! Steve and I used to argue about everything. I tried to make a suggestion to remedy a problem we were having with our Yamahas, Steve shot it down as ridiculous. Del Brown, who I was fishing that day, says, “give him 6 months and he’ll convince himself he thought of it”. He was close, took about 5 months and he was doing it. I could go on and on. He is a nut, he is also a dear friend and the greatest fishing guide ever!

  • The funniest part of that story, Mike, is the classic Brown-Huff exchange.