How I Gave Up Bug Latin and Became a Better Person

“‘Those were Maccaffertiums over the riffles this evening,’ he lectured this would-be impressor as he pulled the specimens he’d collected out of that jar, ‘and you said you were using an Isonychia. No wonder you didn’t do well.'” John Street describes how a journey through elitism led to betraying a favorite stream, resisting the temptations of fame, and finally foreswearing Latin forever. In the Clarion (Pennsylvania) News.

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  • Ugh, not another article fashionably pooh-pooing Latin names. Lately it seems like every writer and his dog tries to win some “street cred” (or should it be “stream cred”) by proclaiming that trout don’t speak Latin.
    Latin names aren’t nearly as bad as everybody makes them out to be. They’re less confusing in many ways. And the people I know who use them the most are about as far from elitist as you can get.
    Would you consider posting a link to my article In Defense of Latin Names to balance it out?

  • Always room for the other side of the story, Jason.

  • Thanks. 🙂