Always Wear Eye Protection

Eye protection is a must when fly fishing — even if you are not the one doing the casting — as angler Gary Hays will no doubt attest. Gary sports a booby fly in his right eyelid in this photo on

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  • I did this to myself once, with a small popper, when fishing at dusk. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all. I guess there aren’t so many nerve endings in the eyelids. In any event, I was pretty far from any hospital, and all on my own. So, I just worked the hook through, broke off the point, removed the fly, and drove home, none the worse for wear. Of course, I did apply copious amounts of bacitracin for the next several days.
    Lesson learned: get untinted glasses for fishing in low light conditions!

  • Excellent advice about untinted lenses. And I used to wear a pair of low-tint glasses while running the backcountry before sunup — probably saved an eye or two.