Product Review: Pentax Optio WPi

A new entrant on the water-resistant digital camera scene gets a thorough preview on “The amphibious OptioWPi digital camera features 6.0 megapixels of resolution and a 3X optical zoom lens and captures high quality images both on land and up to three feet underwater without an additional waterproof housing.”

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  • I bought this camera and immediately took it on a two week trip in Europe where I got to use it both indoor and outdoor. The main reason I bought it was to have the ability to take decent pictures with a camera that fits in side pocket of my jeans. I was not disappointed at all. The pictures came out well, the camera feels solidly built, with intuitive menus and easy access to features.The videos are decent even when shot in lower res mode. My only complaint really is that the little switch that controls whether the camera is in auto/pro/video mode changes position pretty easily if you put the camera in a pocket, so one needs to be careful to check that the camera is in the right mode. Overall: very good.