Mas Okui

Mas Okui accepted his first fishing gear from the military police guarding the Manzanar War Relocation Center, an infamous California detention camp for Japanese-Americans during World War II. He also caught his first trout there (Bair’s Creek ran through it) and evolved into an expert fly fisher with a self-taught and highly effective technique — large loops well-mended, and long leaders. According to an article by Bill Becher in today’s Los Angeles Daily News, Mr. Okui’s accomplished and effective style has earned him the title “Master of Hot Creek.”

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  • Vernon Huntsinger

    Did Mr. Okui teach at Hughes Jr. High?

  • Denise Foster

    I’m not sure about Hughes, but he taught for years at Gardena High School. He taught California History and was my most remembered teacher.

  • Traci Liley

    Mr. Okui was the best teacher ever at Gardena High! In addition to California history, he taught US history & Asian history as well. Mr. Okui was the first teacher I ever had that taught about internment during WWII because there was NOTHING in our textbooks about the subject. He has a great way with students and all his students respected him and enjoyed his classes!!! Wow! and he can fish too!